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AWS - Certified Welding Inspection

Our AWS Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI) perform independent inspection services based on several construction codes & standards, such as:

  • ASME Section I (Power Boiler) and Section IV (Heating Boiler)

  • ASME Section VIII Div.1 (Pressure Vessel)

  • ASME B31.1 (Power Piping) und B31.3 (Process Piping)

  • AWS D1.1 (Structural Steel)

  • AWS D1.2 (Structural Aluminum)

  • European harmonized standards (e.g. EN12952, EN13445, EN13480)

  • etc.


Our AWS Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI) assist you in

  • Meeting the qualifications of the following welding procedures and welding personal, Preparation of ASME Code-compliant WPS (Welding Procedure Specification)

  • Consulting within the application of Standard-Welding Procedure Specifications / preWPS (prequalified WPS)

  • Qualification of Welding Procedures / PQR (Procedure Qualification Record)

  • Qualification of Welding Personnel/ WPQ (Welder Performance Qualification)

  • Restrictions in case of toughness requirements / CVN (Charpy V-Notch)


By now, we assure to you a competent consulting service.

If in need of a competent consulting service, please feel free to contact us!

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