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ASME BPV Code meets European Directive

The ASME BPV Code is a solid basis for meeting the general requirements of the PED.


We will give you the solutions for the typical difficulties, such as design, material, fabrication,  toughness testing, examination & testing, personnel qualification, third party involvement, etc.


We are guided by the following points:


o Compliance with the "Essential Safety Requirements".

o Qualification and recognition of personnel and procedures for welding / brazing according to ASME Code Section IX

o Recognition of NDT personnel based on ASNT  TC-1A

o Material requirements

o Fabrication processes

o Duties of the involved notified (approved)  body

o Conformity assessment and certification

o Marking and documentation


but also address the specific questions of our customers. At the same time, we always refer to the harmonized European standards.

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