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Fabrication and Construction Site Supervision

Increasing requirements, high cost pressure as well as tightening legislation and jurisdiction demand quality assurance systems in all areas of industry. Qualified personnel, professional experience and the technical understanding of the sometimes very complex requirements in the metalworking sector are only basic needs that are demanded of an individual worker.

The fabrication of products or components in the regulated industrial sector requires, depending on the safety risk of these products / components, appropriate skilled personnel. The requirements for this are specified in the legal directives and the standards to be met.

The personnel requirements may include a welding supervisor (according to EN ISO 14731). This person does not have to be a permanent member of the manufacturing company and can be integrated into the fabrication process as an external service. However, further regulations regarding personnel structure must be observed.

Swiss CIS AG offers its customers experienced welding supervisors with comprehensive technical knowledge.


It is our concern that our personnel provide a professional and manufacturer-oriented service in the field of boiler and pressure vessel fabrication.


With pleasure we take over for you

- Contract review of technical welding contents

- Design review of welding-related contents

- Supplier evaluation with regard to welding and manufacturing tasks (supplier audits)

- Welding equipment /-supervision /-procurement /-suitability

- Monitoring of welding operations

- Welding quality assurance

- Inspection and evaluation of welding results

- Documentation of the welding relevant documents

- Preparation of welding and inspection plans

- Interface to monitoring institutions

- Preparation / revision of internal specifications

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