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Welding Qualification

In the field regulated by law, it is often required that welding be performed by qualified personnel with appropriate qualifications and in accordance with technically sound welding procedures. In this context, indications are given that this qualification must meet the requirements of various standards. On this basis, the TÜV Thürigen e.V. certification body can verify the competence and qualification of welding personnel and procedures and confirm, i.e. certify, successful compliance with the requirements of a set of rules.


Certification basis - personnel, e.g.:

- EN ISO 9606-1 / EN ISO 14732

- ASME BPV Code Section IX

- AWS D1.1

- AD2000 HP3


Certification basis - procedures, e.g.:

- EN ISO 15614-1

- ASME BPV Code Section IX

- AWS D1.1

- AD2000 HP2/1

- EN ISO 15613

- AD2000 HP5/2

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