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Consulting and Inspection Services

Swiss CIS AG supports you in the application of Pressure Equipment Standards and the implementation of the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED). As a neutral body, we cooperate with our partner TÜV Thüringen e.V. to certify compliance with the PED2014/68/EU (Notified Body 0090).

Technical Services

We provide technical advisory services to maintain and optimize safety, quality and environmental protection programs, while minimizing risk for our clients.


The world´s leading regulation for design, fabrication, examination and testing of Pressure Equipment.

We clearly and thoroughly explain the ASME BPV Code to you and get you prepared to meet the ASME BPV Code requirements.

AWS Certified Welding Inspection

The Certified Welding Inspector is widely recognised both nationally and internationally and successful companies rely on these AWS certified inspectors to ensure the highest level of quality work.

ASME BPV Code meets European Directive

Two different systems with comparable roots.

To achieve the CE-marking and the “ASME” Certification Mark you can combine both demands considering the hierarchy.

We advise you how to fulfill the European Directive requirements based on the ASME BPV Code and prepare you for further requirements.

Welding Qualification

Qualification of welding personnel and welding procedures are required by directives, norms and standards. It applies to new construction, alteration and repair of pressure vessel, boiler, piping, etc.

Fabrication and Construction Site Supervision

Without a professionally performed supervision of the fabrication and site construction work, errors can occur that can cost a lot of time and money later on.

The supervisor activities include several interfaces to other areas, such as engineering, scheduling, work preparation, manufacturing, examination & testing, inspection and transport.

NDE - Level III Services

As an external Level III service provider we take over the training and education of your employees according to the Recommended Practice No. SNT-TC-1A and prepare your Written Practice adapted to your company.

Design Calculation of Pressure Equipment

We perform strength calculations of boiler pressure parts, pressure vessel and piping according to recognized technical rules.


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Incoming inspection of a boiler steam drum and NoBo inspection on site

Edinburgh (UK)

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